Mindful and Sustainable.

Change the way you care for others.


Transforming healthcare begins with mindful, compassionate care.

Here are 5 simple steps to promote your wellbeing and improve care outcomes for your clients.

Learn. Practice. Shift. Sustain.

This is a different kind of learning.
Change the way you think about caring for others. Begin a path of deeper awareness, improved connections & communication, greater trust and better outcomes while gaining the skills you need to build Relationship-Centered Care, Healing Informed Care, and Equity in your practice.

Show Kindness.

40 Seconds is all it takes.
Family caregivers play a critical role in your outcomes but are at risk for stress-related illness. Take 40 seconds to show them that you see them. Order Cup of Kindness today.

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Healing Healthcare.

Join the conversation. 
We're having important conversations with healthcare professionals and change-makers around the globe who are putting Relationship-Centered Care, Trauma-Informed Care, and Anti-bias into practice. We'll take a look at the inner process and the external results when providers place their attention and train their awareness on compassion, respect, and collaboration.

Embodied Mindfulness

Collected Attention
Sensitivity to Self / Other



Awareness of
Power / Privilege 

Willingness to
address bias

Not Knowing
Curiosity / Vulnerability

Let’s heal healthcare

Our programs are designed to increase safety, respect, equity, & compassion in healthcare.

WisdomWay Institute is joining the discussions with other thought leaders to explore what is out of balance and what is needed in healthcare.

While others focus on systems, we focus on people.

On relationships & connections.

We see that the frameworks for creating equity, shared decision-making, safety, and respect in healthcare come down to something that we can do something about.

Healing healthcare.
We’ll start from the center.