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WHAT is the WisdomWay? 

The WisdomWay path represents a caregiving training dedicated to precision, a full presence, and compassionate service. The WisdomWay method is built on the 4 Domains of Mindful Caregiving.

We train together but also sustain together using these skills that ready us to be the change-makers, the paradigm shifters, the healers and the helpers.


The 4 Domains


WisdomWay Institute offers training, mentoring and support for caregivers. Faculty bring expertise in client-centered care, integrative health and skills applicable to your profession. Our online courses and retreat formats build connection and community.

Join the movement to create sustainable well-being and a more compassionate world!

WHY choose WisdomWay? 

At its center, the profession of healing is the fulfillment of our wish to serve, to give…and to be restored. 

—Saki Santorelli

Are you…

  • Inspired to support others through life transitions?
  • Engaged in transforming healthcare?
  • Passionate about making a difference?
  • Hoping to find ways to make caregiving sustainable?
  • Looking for solutions to reduce stress and burnout?

Are you or do you hope to be a patient advocate, a family caregiver or a professional caregiver?

Whether you are new to your profession or an established practitioner seeking greater connection and sustainability in your work, WisdomWay has developed a methodology to bring the impacts of Mindfulness-based interventions into your practice.

Our online programs, retreats, workshops and in-depth programs will change the way you think about caring for others and will set you on a course of deeper awareness of :

  • How best to use your skills and knowledge
  • How to establish and maintain great relationships with your clients or those you are caregiving
  • How to maintain compassion, both for yourself and those you care for.

WHO is the WisdomWay? 

Karen Laing

Karen Laing is a mother, lactation consultant, midwife and educator and the founder and president of Birthways, The Thriving Place and WisdomWay Institute. She was trained at Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach and is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction instructor. ​

Interested in learning about WisdomWay?

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