On the Necessity of Snow Angels for the Well-Being of the World

Wherever there is snow, I go,
making angels along the way
Luckily angles have no gender
and are easier to make
than you might think.
All you have to do is let go,
fall on your back,
look up at the sky as if in prayer.
Move your arms like wings.
Move your legs to make a robe.
Rise carefully so as to do no harm,
and walk away.
All the angels along the path behind you
will sparkle in sunlight, gleam under the stars.In spring the angels will be invisible
but really they are still there,
their outlines remain on the earth
where you put them, waiting
for you and the snow to return.
Keep walking,
towards the next beautiful thing
you will do.
–Grace Butcher

Read by Karen Laing