Jan 15 2021

7 Ways to Reduce Burnout for Healthcare Professionals

While those in the healthcare industry are working to help others improve their quality of life, they may often end up reducing their own. What was once a deeply fulfilling career can turn into a source of stress, especially while we are amidst a global pandemic. Whether you’re a physician, a nurse, or part of…
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body scan mindfulness meditation

Jan 2 2020

Embodiment: The invitation of meditation

The following is an excerpt from a talk. Instructions for body awareness are key to mindfulness meditation.  The Buddha taught that the “fathom-long” body was the ground for awakening.  In setting up practice, it’s worthy to explore what embodiment means and why the invitation is a foundation for waking up and being present to our…
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Dec 5 2019

Is Mindfulness Meditation Difficult?

Is mindfulness meditation difficult? Is it good for you? Bad for you? What do people say about their experiences with the body scan, or sitting meditation? “I fell asleep somewhere around my pinky toe.” “It was relaxing.” “It was difficult.” “I noticed that I couldn’t feel anything.” “I noticed sensations that I didn’t know were…
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Jul 31 2019

The Next Wisest Thing

What if we, instead, lived in our authenticity,  saw that each of us is whole, and good enough,  and that doing the next wisest, kindest thing,  is all that we need to live out our purpose?
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Jul 10 2019

Kind Teachers and Best Friends

What kind teacher or best friend do you hold in your heart as someone who embodied deep acceptance? Patience? Compassion? Share this with someone who has shown you what kindness feels like.
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Jun 12 2019

Oops. That wasn’t what I meant….

Oops. That wasn’t what I meant…. Yesterday I led a webinar that was designed for an audience of students of WisdomWay Institute who have been trained in sensitive, relationship-centered, mindful care of families. Lovely people. I co-led with Sue, with whom I collaborated with seamlessly. I remembered to hit record. We were having a beautiful…
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