May 5 2021

Reduce Bias and Foster Greater Inclusion

This year’s events have brought the topic of healing unconscious bias back to the forefront of our minds. Especially in the healthcare setting, many are questioning their role in addressing these deep-seated biases.  We want to know that we are treating everyone with the same amount of compassion – regardless of their race, culture, nationality,…
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Mar 25 2021

Camping in the Mud, a Carsick Dog and a Dying Friend: Connecting with Compassion in Times of Stress

Overloaded moments happen to all of us. Sometimes it’s project or charting deadlines competing with care emergencies.  Or it’s a crisis in our family that collides with our scheduled client times. Or it’s an on-call emergency that comes in just at the height of our preparations for a family birthday dinner.  It’s another violent death in…
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Jan 15 2021

7 Ways to Reduce Burnout for Healthcare Professionals

While those in the healthcare industry are working to help others improve their quality of life, they may often end up reducing their own. What was once a deeply fulfilling career can turn into a source of stress, especially while we are amidst a global pandemic. Whether you’re a physician, a nurse, or part of…
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body scan mindfulness meditation

Jan 2 2020

Embodiment: The invitation of meditation

The following is an excerpt from a talk. Instructions for body awareness are key to mindfulness meditation.  The Buddha taught that the “fathom-long” body was the ground for awakening.  In setting up practice, it’s worthy to explore what embodiment means and why the invitation is a foundation for waking up and being present to our…
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Dec 5 2019

Is Mindfulness Meditation Difficult?

Is mindfulness meditation difficult? Is it good for you? Bad for you? What do people say about their experiences with the body scan, or sitting meditation? “I fell asleep somewhere around my pinky toe.” “It was relaxing.” “It was difficult.” “I noticed that I couldn’t feel anything.” “I noticed sensations that I didn’t know were…
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Jul 31 2019

The Next Wisest Thing

What if we, instead, lived in our authenticity,  saw that each of us is whole, and good enough,  and that doing the next wisest, kindest thing,  is all that we need to live out our purpose?
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