Stress and Caregiving

Mar 12 2020

COVID-19: Are you prepared to serve your clients?

As of this writing, there are more than 1200 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and dozens of deaths reported deaths in the United States. The ‘Pandemic’ threshold has been reached. The COVID – 19 virus has spread to 111 countries around the world and community spread is increasing. A week ago, it was possible that…
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Oct 10 2019

Who Are You Overlooking?

Here's who you are forgetting. You have someone in your office today that is at risk for adverse health outcomes...
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Jul 31 2019

The Next Wisest Thing

What if we, instead, lived in our authenticity,  saw that each of us is whole, and good enough,  and that doing the next wisest, kindest thing,  is all that we need to live out our purpose?
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Jul 10 2019

Kind Teachers and Best Friends

What kind teacher or best friend do you hold in your heart as someone who embodied deep acceptance? Patience? Compassion? Share this with someone who has shown you what kindness feels like.
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person holding a gray head hair

Mar 26 2019

Caregiving and Stress: How to be there for others without coming undone 

Mindful awareness training doesn’t just help us with the really lovely stuff, like swimming on a summer day or being on vacation. It helps us to notice what is right here, right now, even in a difficult moment.
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Sunlight shining through ball of ice

Mar 13 2019

Seeking Relief

When we experience something painful and we don't quite know how to respond to it, maybe we do something awkward and unhelpful, and instead of solving the discomfort, that brings more pain or discomfort. WisdomWay Institute's 28-day Loving Through Difficulty course helps break this cycle.
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