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Refuge & Resilience: Supported Mindfulness for Challenging Times

Refuge & Resilience: Supported Mindfulness for Challenging Times is an 8 week program that includes online learning, downloadable guided practices designed for trauma exposures, and weekly live sessions to develop tools to mitigate the stress impacts for providers of any discipline.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify causes and prevention strategies for secondary and vicarious trauma, emotional saturation, and burnout as we face the challenges and buffer the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Apply the principles of healing informed care to support your wellbeing, while identifying co-regulating opportunities in patient care
  • Practice trauma-sensitive mindfulness and self-compassion practices as you develop a toolkit for resourcing and regulating, even during high pressure days
  • Situate the pandemic collective experience in relationship to findings on neurosequential hierarchy, stress response, allostatic load and resiliency to better contextualize your experience and to relate to others


Supporting the 4 guiding principles of the Charter for Physician Wellbeing, and integrating findings on health care burnout, this 8 week program is designed to meet the needs of those who are serving in health care roles during the pandemic.

Finding refuge during Coronavirus