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Reset & Reconnect: Sanity, hope and compassion in tumultuous times


November 7 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


FREE Online Webinar
United States

What superpower can you access to build your sanity, confidence and compassionate connections at work, with your family, and in your community?


These times are not easy. As we cope through election season, get through our 9th month of a global pandemic, bear witness to a world whose madness seems to be escalating, it can feel as if we are witnessing the problems of our times growing larger instead of finding solutions.

But what is possible in this new year?  What, in the midst of our coping, managing, adjusting, might the future be like on the other side?

How can we have conversations that heal and communities that grow stronger from all that we’ve been through?

How can we just get through this winter and holiday season with some sanity?


We can’t know what the future holds…

but how are we holding our future?  


Join us ONLINE on November 7th, to learn, to practice, and to emerge restored.

What to expect?

This is our time to gather and to shore up our superpowers to enter into 2021 with renewed determination to do our part in creating caring communities, both in our small worlds of our families, our work cultures, our communities and our systems.  We’ll learn some tools for navigating the landmines of difficult interactions, ways to access our inner resources, and foundations for embodied listening through discussion, guided practice, and interactive exercises.

Emotional safety and wellbeing is the number one driver of effective communication, both at work and in our close relationships.  With building pressure, many are finding this harder than ever to maintain.


This is a little bit practical. 

We’ll learn and practice ways to get through your next difficult potentially divisive conversation.

You’ll gain a method to navigate this world of landmines in our intimate, professional, and community connections.

This is deeply inspirational. 

This live interactive workshop introduces an immune boost to resist despair, fear, frustration and overwhelm and to build confidence that there is an opportunity for healing our fractured world into something better.

This is grounded in neuroscience.

We’ll orient our practices around the research into community engagement – what habits of communicating leave us depleted, and what helps us to inspire one another, reach creative solutions and find common ground.

Through a glimpse into the power of embodied listening we’ll practice ways to support emotional & attentional regulation in times of stress.

This is for you and all your roles in the world.

Our work is designed to support wellbeing AND build our skills of listening and communication.  Whether you’re a leader, or an educator, a parent or a health professional, our discussion will introduce you to toolkits that build your superpowers and allow you to bring your best self forward without burning out.


This event is free, welcome to all who adhere to our expectations for respect, care and compassion for one another, and will close 15 minutes into the call.  Please arrive on time.  Following signup you will receive more information, details to join us, more resources for resiliency, and opportunities to connect with us. 

looking forward to 2021


November 7 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


FREE Online Webinar
United States