Loving Through Difficulty: A 28 day mindful caregiving journey


When a loved one is suffering…..


When we are caring for someone dear to us who is facing difficulty, a health crisis, or a chronic illness, we often are hurting. Whether we are struggling with difficult choices, or simply trying to be present for days filled with pain and confusion, caregiving can take its toll. It’s time to tend to our own wellbeing so that we can show up for what is being asked of us.


This online course will nourish you with a daily dose of inspiration, guided meditations, a free workbook, and the support you need to get through today and the confidence you need to move into what lies ahead. You can access the content at your own pace and participants will receive an invitation to join an ongoing facilitated meditation group, for no additional charge.  If you miss a day, the content will be there for you.  We know it’s not easy to predict  what lies ahead – WisdomWay will walk the path with you.

Based on the science behind mindfulness-based interventions, this program is designed to give you a meaningful respite from your caregiving stress, but also practical ways to move through each moment. Increase your resiliency, minimize the impacts of caregiver stress, and keep you connected to your own experience. We’ll use the practical tools found in the WisdomWay Compass of Mindful Caregiving as well as formal and informal mindfulness practices.


To be of benefit to another, this work for yourself isn’t optional.



Have you ever been told you are great in a crisis…But find yourself falling apart or getting sick some days later…

The impacts of caregiving on our health is not insignificant. It’s one of the leading stressors that leads caregivers to face illness, accelerated aging, and even shortened life span. We need more than a getaway now and then, or a little break. We need tools to be in caring connection in new ways, letting go of habits and conditioning that don’t serve us. Join us and other family caregivers. Those caring for our children, our parents, spouses, friends or other loved ones.

You’re not alone. And this can be easier.


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Karen Laing has specialized in women’s health for more than 20 years, with a background as a midwife, lactation consultant, doula trainer, and perinatal educator. She is the Founder of Birthways, the largest and most established doula program in the country where she developed integrative approaches to meet the needs of expectant and new parents. She has trained and mentored midwives, doulas and lactation professionals. A knowledgeable practitioner as well as a natural teacher and compassionate listener, Karen has helped countless women find comfort, confidence and joy through life transitions and is the originator of the WisdomWay™ method of mindful caregiving.