Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Online Course

Eight week series

This course will introduce you to the practices that support mindful awareness, in the comfort of your home and with the ongoing support of an MBSR instructor as well as your fellow students.

  • Guided meditation and support to establish a daily practice included practice downloads
  • Learning both formal and informal mindfulness practices to support greater awareness and choice in your life
  • Discussion and support as you gain confidence in mindfulness meditation
  • The opportunity to train your mind to work in new ways with what life brings our way, with awareness, with choice, and with the freedom to live with greater health, well being and happiness.

"The course brought into focus and brought structure to concepts with which I have been previously wrestling."

"I am actively taking the time to think things through more calmly now, work on my breathing, and take more time for myself."

The possibilities of mindfulness practices and MBSR courses lie in your participation and commitment.

To join the course, please be ready to make these commitments:

  • Attend a preliminary phone interview (20-30 minutes) with the instructor to ask questions and explore your readiness.
  • Plan to participate in all of the 8 classes as scheduled using a hi-speed internet connection & webcam.
  • Explore online lessons assigned each week.
  • Commit to a daily practice of meditation using the guided support for 45 minutes a day, 6 out of 7 days a week.
  • Complete short journal exercises and informal practices throughout your day while you do your usual activities.
  • Attend a day of mindfulness (to be coordinated with participants as the class begins).   Depending on our group, we may do an in-person session in Chicago and /or Madison or an online at-home practice.

Why take an MBSR course?

Mindfulness meditation offers us the opportunity to cultivate awareness, to find new ways of responding in our relationships and to our life circumstances, and opens possibilities of finding greater authenticity, joy and freedom in our life. 

"I'm curious about meditation. I have dabbled a bit and felt unsure if I was doing it right or if I'm going to be any good at it, but I'm open to giving it a try."

"I was told I was being reactive, and it is hard to know how to change that."

"I'm trying to get pregnant, we're looking for a new home and moving. I'm feeling really overwhelmed, emotional… I'm stressed out."

"My doctor recommended that I take a course. I've been dealing with a chronic health condition and she thinks it will help me."

"I just want to break out of habits and be more of who I was meant to be…"

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WisdomWay provides a path for mindful and sustainable healthcare.

This approach to Relationship-Centered Care was developed by WisdomWay Institute's Founder Karen Laing who has spent years working in maternal and family health. 

As a clinician and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor, she has combined her healthcare & integrative health coaching training, her experience in patient advocacy, and a refined attention to awareness and compassion practices. The result is a method based in science and aimed at creating authentic, compassion-fueled relationships with clients/patients that are grounded in respect, trust and shared decision-making.  

She understands the value of maintaining an evidence-based practice and will teach you how mindfulness helps remove barriers as well as supports you to act in the moment with your patients' best interest in mind and for your own health and wellbeing.