I (Don’t) Know How You Feel: Exploring the Narrative of Parenting

When we support expectant or new families, we sometimes make assumptions or create meanings that are unique for each person.

This interactive webinar invites us to explore our personal narratives (you needn’t be a parent to have a parenting narrative!), and we’ll explore intersectionality—how our experiences are informed by a constellation of factors including gender and gender identity, race, class, sexual orientation, urban/rural landscapes and more.

This is part of our First Year Specialist Certification Program but also available to the public.

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Karen Laing has specialized in women’s health for more than 20 years, with a background as a midwife, lactation consultant, doula trainer, and perinatal educator. She is the Founder of Birthways, the largest and most established doula program in the country where she developed integrative approaches to meet the needs of expectant and new parents. She has trained and mentored midwives, doulas and lactation professionals. A knowledgeable practitioner as well as a natural teacher and compassionate listener, Karen has helped countless women find comfort, confidence and joy through life transitions and is the originator of the WisdomWay™ method of mindful caregiving.