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Our conversations are not just to hear expert perspectives, although you will meet very inspiring people in our webinars and podcasts, but our live events extend an invitation to practice embodied mindfulness in our ways of relating to one another. We regularly host opportunities for you to join the conversation in our common aim of creating equitable, safe and compassionate connections.

You're included.  

Embodied learning happens when we can show up with our authentic selves and our good intentions, when we learn to listen to each other, and when we are willing to take risks to share our very human experiences with one another.  To support this aim, we offer live discussions and practice groups to allow you to learn more about us, if you're new to WisdomWay Institute, or to keep our commitment to ongoing practice if you've attended a learning retreat or course with us. 

Some of our conversations, webinars, or recorded talks will be posted here.  But we'll also hope you'll join our live discussions, and will feel comfortable sharing your experience as we build a community grounded in kindness, respect and safety.

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Healing Healthcare: Exploring Compassion, Equity & Safety

This series invites discussions with health care professionals and change makers around the globe who are putting Relationship-Centered Care, Trauma-Informed Care, and Anti-bias into practice. We'll take a look at the inner process and the external results when providers place their attention and train their awareness on compassion, respect and collaboration.

We looked at healthcare initiatives and their frameworks for quality, equity, and sustainability and found 6 common themes that involve the personhood of the practitioner. Our conversations will explore the edges and the heart of each of them.

Keeping the heart in healthcare is an inside job. Join us for inspiring, practical and relevant insights that will support you and those you serve.

Hosted by Karen Laing, Mindfulness instructor, health advocate, and Founder of WisdomWay Institute and the Compass of Mindful Caregiving.

Episode 1

In Part 1 of a 2 part series, Aga Grabowski, LCSW, MSW of Wildflower Center for Emotional Health talks about the spirit of healing, dare we say the 'magic' of the healing relationship, how she cultivates it and what she gains by the practice of presence in the therapeutic alliance. We discuss her work with new graduates, and ask: Can we teach the qualities of compassion? Authenticity? Presence? Unconditional love?

Coming up: Part 2 of What's love got to do with it?

Does love have a place in professional health care relationships? We continue our discussion around respect, safety, and offering a quality of presence that allows for healing with Aga Grabowski, MA, LCSW, founding partner of Wildflower Center for Emotional Health.

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