Healing Refuge: Exploring Safety, Safely


When a loved one is suffering…..


Safety. Refuge. When we care for others we hope to create a space of caring, a place where those who turn to us in times of difficulty can find comfort.

Whether you’re a family caregiver who hopes to bring comfort and support to a loved one or a professional who intends to create sensitive, trauma-informed care, the aim is the same. To serve as a steward for someone else’s experience. We believe that before we can do that, we have to know what safety and refuge mean for us in our own experience.



This series of conversations invites you to come, to listen, to participate in guided practices, and to join in the conversations around caregiving.

We begin our series of monthly conversations learning about what safety means and the possibilities of finding it, even in times of difficulty.

We’ll have a brief discussion to establish an understanding of how the body and mind react from threat and stressors. We’ll also explore somatic practices to see what it means to feel even just a little bit more safe and at ease.



In Buddhist tradition a Sangha refers to a community of practitioners who come together to learn and to uphold wisdom teachings. Our Caregiver Sanghas are open to all who aim to be in caring connection with others. Family caregivers and professionals are welcome.


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Karen Laing has specialized in women’s health for more than 20 years, with a background as a midwife, lactation consultant, doula trainer, and perinatal educator. She is the Founder of Birthways, the largest and most established doula program in the country where she developed integrative approaches to meet the needs of expectant and new parents. She has trained and mentored midwives, doulas and lactation professionals. A knowledgeable practitioner as well as a natural teacher and compassionate listener, Karen has helped countless women find comfort, confidence and joy through life transitions and is the originator of the WisdomWay™ method of mindful caregiving.